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[1]   Tsallis Relative entropy from asymmetric distributions as a risk measure for financial portfolios,   Sandhya Devi and Sherman Page, 2022


[2]   Asymmetric Tsallis distributions for modelling financial dynamics,  Sandhya Devi,  2021, Physica A 578, 126109




        This article is also available at



[3]  Financial Portfolios based on Tsallis relative entropy as the Risk Measure, Sandhya Devi, 2019,  Journal of  Statistical Mechanics  093207
         This article can also be found in  



[4]   Financial Market Dynamics: Superdiffusive or not?, Sandhya Devi 2017, Journal of Statistical Mechanics  083207         
        This article can also be found in       







  [3]  Mark Chapman, Evgeni M. Chesnokov, K. R. Sandhya Devi and Vladimir Grechka 2009, 
      Rainbow in the Earth - Introduction, Geophysics, 74, 2 
       DOI: 10.1190/I.3098848

  [4]  Sandhya Devi K. R. and Schwab H, 2009.  High Resolution Seismic Signals from Band 
        Limited Data,  using Scaling Laws of Wavelet Transforms, Geophysics, 74, 2.
         DOI: 10.1190/I.3077622

[5]  Sandhya Devi K. R. and Cohen A. J. , 2004 Wavelet Transforms and Hybrid Neural Nets
        for Improved Pore Fluid Prediction and Reservoir Properties Estimation, SEG 
        Technnical Program, Expanded Abstracts  pp 1527 - 1530

[6]  Glinsky M. E.  Clark G A, Cheng P. K. Z, Sandhya Devi K. R, Robinson J. H  and  
         Ford G.   E,  2001Automatic event picking in prestack migrated gathers using a
         probabilistic neural network, Geophysics, 66,5       
         DOI: 10.1190/1.1487094


Non-linear Dynamics and Nuclear Physics

  [7]  Davies K. T. R, Devi K. R. S, Koonin S. E and Strayer M. R, 1985, Treatise

                      on Heavy-Ion Science (Plenum Press, New York,  ed. Bromley D. A)


               [8]  Devi K. R. S, Patrascioiu A, 1984,  A system of Strings and Springs in 3

                     dimensions, Physica D 11, 3


  [9]  Davies K. T. R, Remaud B, Strayer M, Devi K. R. S and , Raffray Y 1984,   

        Geometry and Dynamics of a Zero Temperature Fermi-gas Model for Pre-

        equilibrium Emission of Nucleons with application to O16 + Nb93 at Elab =

        204 Mev, Annals of Physics, 156, 1.


 [10]  Devi  K. R. S, and Garcia J. D, 1984, Coriolis Coupling Effects in Time

        dependent Hartree-Fock calculations of Ion-Atom Collisions, Physical

        Review A-General Physics, 30, 1.


[11]  Umar A. S, Strayer M. R, Ernst D. J and Devi K. R. S 1984, Mean

         FieldTheory of Promt High Energy Nucleon Emission, Physical Review

         C-Nuclear Physics, 30, 6.


[12]  Devi K. R. S and Garcia J. D, 1983, He-2 ++ He Collisions in Time

        Dependent Hartree-Fock Theory, Journal of Physics B - Atomic and

       Molecular Physics, 16, 15.


[13]  Kulander K. C, Devi K. R. S and Koonin S. E, 1982, Time-Dependent

          Hartree-Fock Theory of Charge-Exchange Application to He2 ++ He,

         Physical Review A, General Physics, 25, 6.   


[14]  Davies K. T. R,Devi K. R. S and Strayer M. R, 1981, Fusion Behavior in

         Time Dependent Hartree-Fock calculations of Kr-86 + La-139 and

         KR-84 + BI-209 Collisions, Physical Review C,  Nuclear Physics, 24,6  


[15]  Devi K. R. S, Strayer M, Davies K. T. R, Koonin S. E and Dhar A. K,

        1981,Prompt Emission of  Nucleon Jets in Time Dependent Hartree-Fock

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[16]  Devi K. R. S and Koonin S. E 1981, Mean-Field Approximation to P + He

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[17]  Devi K. R. S, Strayer M. R, Davies K. T. R, Dhar A. K and Koonin S. E

        1981, Prompt Emission of  Particles in TDHF Calculations, Bulletin of the

        American Physical Society, 26, 4

         Publications earlier than 1981 can be found in olderpublications

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