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At EntropicDynamics, we use the concepts of econophysics to analyze the  dynamics of stock market equities.  Research is also being carried out for the possible use of AI techniques for predicting market dynamics. The present applications are in


a)   long term investments such as constructing Portfolios that beat the market returns, using a new novel risk measure.  Over long periods, such portfolios , seem to perform better than the ones obtained using use the traditional that are currently used by investors.  

For long term investers,  tables of risk values of equities, which are updated every two months  are also provided. See Portfolio Management under Portfolios that Beat Markets

Note: The long term investments are particularly useful for young individual investors (not too close to retirement) or persons interested in forming an investment club.

b) Short term investments - Options

We provide international individual investors  tutorials on how to use these tools for both short and long term investments. 


Please see contact for questions

The tools provided by EntropicDynamics are research tools to help self-directed investors evaluate securities. Information supplied is for information purposes only and should not be considered investment advice or an offer of guidance. Our research and tests are carried out on the past data, which is not a guarantee of future results. EntropicDynamics is not liable in any way for any financial loss that might occur in using the information and tools provided in this web site to future data. 

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