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This webpage is owned and maintained by Sandhya Devi  whose eduacational and industry experiences are given below. 


Current Research Interest

          Econophysics >  Analysis of Financial markets,  using principles of Physics, Statistical Mechanics and Non-linear dynamics.


  • Ph.D in Theoretical Nuclear Physics 

        Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, India

  • MS   in Physics

        Indian  Institute of Technology, Bombay, India    




         Industry:    Principal Research Physicist

                          Shell International Exploration and Production Co. 
                         1984 - 2012  (Retired in 2012)                          
                          Research in Signal processing,  AI, in particular
                          Neural Networks for  oil & gas exploration


        Univ. Collaborations:  MIT,  Berkely, Caltech, Univ. of Arizona  


       Also see Research and Publications

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