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Investing in UK

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

In a welcome distraction, Britain will be the fastest growing major industrial economy for the second straight year in 2022, according to the International Monetary Fund. There was also a boost for the City of London. An EY survey of 40 key decision-makers in the finance industry showed 87% of investors expect to put money in the U.K. next year. The nation hopes to boost tourism’s contribution to its economy to 11.4% by 2026 from about 7%.

If you are interested in long term investment in Britain, click UK. Here we use our new novel risk measure (obtained using Statistical Physics) to construct portfolios that are expected to beat the market returns. The site will also take you through step by step procedure to help you construct and manage your portfolios. We update the risk tables every two months. The June 2022 risk tables for UK are available now.

Disclaimer: The tools provided by EntropicDynamics are research tools to help self-directed investors evaluate securities. Information supplied is for information purposes only and should not be considered investment advice or an offer of guidance. Our research and tests are carried out on the past data, which is not a guarantee of future results. EntropicDynamics is not liable in any way for any financial loss that might occur in using the information and tools provided in this web site to future data.

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