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Beginners Guide


There are five  steps in on-line stock trading


1. Find an online brokerage firm


The following are some of the brokerage firms in India, ordered according to the number of clients


     Brokerage firm                              No. of clients                 Trading fee

ZERODHA BROKING LIMITED         3602074                          Free delivery trading

RKSV SECURITIES (Upstox)            2141095                          Rs. 20   for all trading 

ANGEL BROKING LIMITED              1564667                          Free delivery trading

HDFC SECURITIES LTD                     957085                            ?

5PAISA CAPITAL LIMITED                  870405                          Rs.20 for all trading


Delivery trading means, that you have to wait for the stocks to be delivered to your account before doing another trade. This may take more than 1 day.  For beginners I recommend zerodha, since their website is user friendly and easy to follow instructions on how to open an account and transfer money etc.  Go to zerodha site ( ) and click on open account, money transfer -----


2. Open an account in the brokerage firm chosen. (Go to the brokerage  website and follow the instuctions) 



3. Transfer Money from your bank account to your brokerage account (follow the instructions on the brokerage firm website)



4. Choose stocks from the risk table  Ind_risktable . For beginners I advise  choosing relative low risk stalks (around a value of .5 form the second column of the risk table) . Also put an equal amount of money in each stock you want to buy. 


5. Begin Trading

     On the brokerage website there will be  a trade button. click on it. It asks a few details such as the stock  ticker symbol (first column in the risk table), action (buy/or sell), number of shares ---. I suggest that you choose equity delivery trading and not day trading). Then click buy or sell.   You should see shares in your account(buy) or removed from your account and money delivered to your account(sell)  within a few hours. Sometimes it may take up to a day.


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